Welcome to the website of Jeff Brett. I am a professional fine art, oil paint artist and writer, creator of imaginary fictional novels.

The paintings and books that I create are for all to enjoy, whatever the age, from the very young to the discerning and mature adult. What we see in life, we tend to view differently, but whatever registers in our minds, leaves behind a lasting impression that will one day come again to the fore. Looking at my art or reading one of my books, you may see of the memories that I had stored!

In my earlier years I both lived and worked professionally in London, but I have since travelled and worked here and abroad, picking up ideas along the journey. These personal reflections can also be found in my writing and on the canvas and my legacy is to leave behind ‘that little bit of magic’ that I found in the people I met and of the things I saw.

The ‘Comment Page’ has been included with you especially in mind. Please feel free to tell me what you think. Evaluate, praise, criticise or suggest as I always value feedback. Wherever possible, I will reply as soon as I can.

Thank you once again and don’t forget to tell friends and family!

With all best wishes


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