The Tower at Night

Welcome to the website of Jeff Brett.

As a self-taught artist and writer of fictional novels, I have been on the creative journey for over forty years, taking inspiration from within, putting down my ideas on canvas and in script. I take pleasure from both expressions and hope that whatever fills your life, it makes you just as happy!

Oil is my preferred medium, which I find benefits my particular canvas encompassing a richness of colour and very often an underlying energy. The coming together can turn a subject with the ease of application that oil has to offer. More recently I have started using an acrylic finish to help protect and enhance the image to its full potential.

City born I am now fortunate to be surrounded by arable fields, slow running rivers, still lakes and big blue skies, with the coast a short drive from my door. The pace of life has recently slowed and now gives me ample time to paint and write every day.

As a writer I follow no particular genre, but I enjoy the challenge of writing for the very young or the discerning mature reader. My children’s books tend to have a vein of fantasy running through the story as I believe that children should have a lifelong memory of things that they cannot always explain. Mystery is an energy that lives within creating a mix of many emotions. For the more mature reader, I write novels consisting of psychological thrillers, women’s romance, the humorous side of life and maybe like the younger manuscripts, touch upon a concept that will leave the reader wondering if such events could be a reality.

Having travelled to far-reaching destinations taking in Australia, America the Middle East and Africa I have a collection of memories, faces, names and places, that influence both my art and writing. I like to believe that creating ‘that little bit of magic’ will one day become my legacy.

Thank you for looking in and be sure to come visit again; and please remember to tell your friends and family!

Best wishes

Jeff Brett

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