Welcome to the website of Jeff Brett.

I am a professional artist using oils as my medium to create fine art and writing fictional novels in my spare time for all ages hoping that both paintings and books will bring joy to others!

I like oils because they are a workable medium offering a vibrant texture, introducing both colour and creativity to a canvas and more recently I have added an acrylic finish to the end product to enhance the picture and give a lasting protection.

Born in London and having lived in Hertfordshire for many years I have now retired to Norfolk where the skies are big and blue, the fields rich in colour and the waves roll in gently on the miles of coastline. A tranquil and idyllic location to gather inspiration for both painting and writing.

Having extensively travelled home and abroad my travels has helped provide a catalogue of ideas for both manuscripts and the canvas and my legacy is to leave behind ‘that little bit of magic’ that I found in the people with whom I met along the way and of the places that I visited.

Once again thank you for taking the time to look at my website and please don’t forget to tell friends and family!

With all best wishes

Jeff Brett

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