Books by Jeffrey Brett

Love is the strongest bond which should never be lost or stolen. Psychological crime thriller. Available on Amazon Books. 
004 Beyond the First Page
Sometimes getting a literary agent to take notice of a manuscript can be a deadly business. A dark psychological crime thriller. Available on amazon Books. 


002 Looking for Rosie
Women’s romance. The old lighthouse has a new owner who is looking to start all over again. A dark secret however is lurking nearby and aims to thwart any chance of romance. Is love strong enough to survive. Available on Amazon Books.
003 Leave No Loose Ends
Psychological thriller. When a serial killer terrorises the UK, the police have no new leads to prevent the next kill. Time is also running out the victims. Available on Amazon Books.
the little red cafe
Heartwarming short stories, set around a little red cafe, the owner, people who work in the cafe and the customers who come to visit. Available on Amazon Books.
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