Books by Jeffrey Brett



002 Looking for Rosie
Women’s romance. The old lighthouse has a new owner who is looking to start all over again. A dark secret however is lurking nearby and aims to thwart any chance of romance. Is love strong enough to survive. Available on Amazon Books.
003 Leave No Loose Ends
Psychological thriller. When a serial killer terrorises the UK, the police have no new leads to prevent the next kill. Time is also running out the victims. Available on Amazon Books.
Shadows of our Childhood
A collection of children’s stories. As a young child we all remember being read a story before we went to sleep. Shadows of our Childhood will help revive some of those memories. Available on Amazon Books.
Heartwarming collection of romantic and funny stories. Customers who visit the cafe go not only for a coffee and cake, but looking for advice to everyday challenges # even the local vicar needs help! Available on Amazon Books.
004 Beyond the First Page
Psychological thriller. A writer is out for revenge having received so many rejections. A game of cat and mouse ensues, only now the victims have become part of his latest book. Available on Amazon Books.
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